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How to keep your windscreen clear of ice

Although autumn may have only just begun, winter will soon be upon us (It’s less than a hundred days until Christmas). Winter means more prolonged and hazardous journeys on the roads of Banbury, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Coventry, Tamworth and Worcester. We all go to great lengths to ensure we have enough layers of clothing and footwear for winter, but occasionally we forget the little things, like car windscreens. And if you’re not late, the last thing you want to encounter is a stubborn layer of thick ice. So here are a few tips to make the arduous task of scrapping that ice a little easier.

Cover it

The most obvious solution to an icy windscreen is to put on a windscreen cover the night before. De-icer is also a handy tool against ice. But if you don’t have one or both, we’ll move on.

Never use boiling water

Even if you’re running late for work, never put boiling water on a frozen windscreen. When sheathed in ice, windscreens can crack from the extreme change in temperature. We’ve replaced many a windscreen because of hasty kettle use from Banbury to Bromsgrove and Worcester in between.

Start cold

It may go against your instincts on a cold winter’s morning in Tamworth, but to effectively clear the inside of your windscreen you should start with cold air gradually increasing the temperature. And no matter how tempting it is, try not to wipe it clear. It will leave awful smears that can obscure your view when fully dry.

Give yourself enough time

Congestion on major roads throughout Birmingham and Coventry is prevalent even in excellent driving conditions. When those conditions deteriorate though, you need to give yourself enough time to clear your windscreen and arrive safely at your destination.

If you have any issues with cracked windscreens during the winter months, contact us for prompt and professional service. We operate across the towns and cities of Banbury, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Coventry, Tamworth and Worcester.