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Windscreen Replacement & Repairs

Free phone: 0800 880 3434

Mobile: 07831 268 475

Preparing your windscreen for an MOT

All cars older than three years have to undergo an annual MOT. For some people and vehicles, this test induces more stress for them than it does for others. They are careful to check the tyre treads, brake lights and fluid, but sometimes they overlook one thing: the crack in the windscreen that can result in an MOT failure. Breaks aren’t always easy to spot, especially if they are on the periphery, but the law is unambiguous. If the damage is at least 40mm in size anywhere on the windscreen, it will fail an MOT. Anything of 10mm or more directly in front of the driver is also a fail. Fortunately for the drivers of Banbury, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Coventry, Tamworth and Worcester, our windscreen repair service has you covered.

So, can I drive with a cracked windscreen until my MOT?

Certainly not! A broken windscreen can impair your view and be a hazard to yourself and others. If the Tamworth Police stop you while driving a car in that condition, it can lead to points on your license and a potential fine. Even worse, if you have a collision of any kind, you might find yourself facing a more grave motoring charge in Birmingham Magistrates Court.

What to do if you notice a chip or crack?

The first thing you should do is find a reputable company (like us) to assess the damage. The problem isn’t going to go away and will only worsen with time. Some of the bumpy rounds around Banbury and Worcester don’t help. Before it gets to that, if the damage is slight, we can provide an efficient windscreen repair service. We have offered this extensively in Bromsgrove and Coventry. And be sure to check your insurance policy, some repairs are covered by them.

If you live in Banbury, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Coventry, Tamworth and Worcester, and are unfortunate enough to need a windscreen repair, call us today.